Our Story

In 2014, Bruce Pearman and Johnny Podrovitz formed with the mission to bring cutting edge technical products in the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) / Drone world to market. When Johnny was taking his first UAV pilot certification training and found that they were constantly having to charge batteries the old fashioned way - with a generator and a bunch of single unit chargers - the need for added flight time became obvious. There had to be a better way!

Bruce and Johnny each bring decades of product design and business development expertise to the fastest growing electronics product market segment in history. Bruce holds an MSEE with honors. He has designed and managed hundreds of complex product design projects for customers, businesses and governments of all sizes around the world.

Johnny has successfully designed, built, and sold a complex technical telecom expense management outsourcing organization to the one of the largest invesment firms in the world.

Rick Janes rounds out the executive team bringing his business development skills to the company. He has been a sales leader throughout his 25 plus year career building and running sales and marketing teams across a wide spectrum of fast-paced technical organizations.

Along with many decades of business and engineering design experience, this team has lived their careers with two primary tenets:

  •        At the end of the day, you and your business are only as good as your customers say you are. Therefore, you must lead everyday making sure customer service is the number one driver of your business – customer service must be your “business religion”.
  •        No business can ever make and/or ship any product that they would not proudly give to their friends and family to use.


Johnny Podrovitz

leads as a business visionary and is an expert at developing successful start-up companies. He holds several US patents and in more than 40 years, he has built and run engineering and operational corporate units and entire companies. A Vietnam veteran of the US Navy, he started his first company in 1993, and grew it into a successful Inc. 500 business process outsourcing company in just seven years. That organization was merged with several other service companies and acquired by the private equity arm of one of America’s largest banks. He and his wife Roxy have two daughters and five grandchildren. They reside in Black Forest, Colorado


Bruce Pearman

leads the product design efforts and holds a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from Colorado Technical University. He has designed and managed hundreds of complex product design projects for customers, businesses and governments of all sizes around the world. His specialization includes electronics design, application engineering, and printed circuit board design and layout. He has over 25 years of experience in the electronics and computer industry. Bruce’s main focus currently is embedded systems design, hardware and software.