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August 7, 2020

Colorado Drone Chargers, LLC introduces new chArger for use with the Autel EVO II
COLORADO SPRINGS, CO (August 7, 2020) – Colorado Drone Chargers, LLC, a global leader in field ready, high speed drone charging systems, announced today that it has developed a new charging system for charging Autel Evo II batteries. Colorado Drone Chargers’ new EVO2 PRCS Elite charging system, like many of its other charging systems, has been designed to simultaneously charge four Evo II Model XE3 7100 batteries in the field and in less time than standard charging systems.
“At Colorado Drone Chargers, we are continuously listening to our customers and the wider drone community to understand their needs. We know, especially when it comes to first responders or professional pilots with a major deadline, time spent recharging batteries can make the difference between saving a life and/or losing a contract. As a veteran and a small business owner myself, I know that from firsthand experience,” said Johnny Podrovitz, the Founder and CEO of Colorado Drone Chargers, LLC.  

Results from Colorado Drone Chargers’ internal testing on Evo II Model XE3 7100 batteries show that our new EVO2 PRCS Elite system can recharge four batteries with an average discharge level of 15% to a full cut off of between 97% and 100% in an average time of 71 minutes. For our customers, that means more time in the air, with less batteries to charge.  The company will begin shipping pre-orders for the new EVO2 PRCS Elite charging system the week of September 14, 2020.
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About Colorado Drone Chargers, LLC
Colorado Drone Chargers, LLC designs, manufactures and markets field ready, high speed drone charging systems that are designed specifically for the serious drone operator who needs a rugged, high speed drone charging system for emergency, military and commercial applications (but we love all of our customers.) The company was founded in 2017 and is owned by a U.S Navy Vietnam veteran. The company is located in Colorado Springs, CO. Visit us at
Media Contact
Johnny R. Podrovitz (719) 338-4600
Evo II Series drones are a product of Autel Robotics USA of Bothell, WA. Colorado Drone Chargers, LLC is not affiliated with or endorsed by Autel Robotics USA.