Q: Will using the your chargers hurt my DJI batteries?
A: Our chargers are specifically designed to monitor voltage, current and temperature with laboratory precision. The charge current is no more than what DJI’s chargers provide, but our charging profile is much more efficient. Plus we do 4 batteries at a time!

Q: Will using your chargers void the warranty on my DJI batteries?
A: Our chargers do not violate any of the conditions outlined on DJI’s product warranty website: and our customers have never notified us of any warranty issues.

Q: Can I use my P2 QuadCharger GO to charge my P3 batteries or vice versa?
A: Yes! We now offer a universal GO charging station that will work with either Phantom 2 or Phantom 3 batteries. However you can’t mix batteries in the same charge and you must change to the appropriate DJI power supply for the batteries being charged.

Q: How can I charge Phantom batteries in my car?
A: Please see the links above in “Support”

Q: Why can’t I just use a regulated AC to DC power supply to charge my DJI batteries?
A: LiPo batteries, yes even the DJI Intelligent batteries, require very specific charging profiles. This is the very precise current and voltage levels that change as the battery is charged. It would be very difficult for someone to manually adjust the levels at the precise time required during the charge cycle. In addition, our QuadChargers constantly monitor the battery’s temperature and modify or abort the charging if any over- or under-temperature is detected.

Q: Why didn’t you incorporate the power supply in the charger base?
A: We wanted to achieve several design goals:
1) Lowest cost;
2) Lightest storage and carrying case;
3) Maximum flexibility

Adding a high quality switching power supply in the base would have cost much more than an external supply we could buy in quantity from multiple manufacturers. It would have made the products larger, heavier and harder to carry and store.